1983. The year Nintendo first introduced Mario Bros, and the year of my birth. I’ve often seen the game as being a bit like life. You start with the intention of seeing what happens at the end, and having fun along the way. There are flowers that grow you. Mushrooms that shrink you, and some that give you special powers. And sometimes knocking your head into a brick wall adds a wealth (coins) of knowledge. If you get knocked out, you have more lives to use. Though you may start a bit earlier in a level, you’ve been there before, so you can move through faster as an experienced player. The only way to get to the end, is to keep on going. Or, you could just give up on the game and never get to the castle because you forgot why you started. And you’ll never know what was around the corner because you forgot the rules.

A GLITCH ISN’T GAME OVER: Lionel Messi, the 5-time winner of the Ballon D’or, was cut from his team as an 11-year old after being diagnosed with a growth hormone deficiency. Abraham Lincoln, the 16th President of the United States who abolished slavery, was defeated in 8 elections prior. Dr Seuss’ first book was rejected by 27 publishers. Toyota Motor Corporation rejected the application of Soichiro Honda for an engineering job. And 5-time MVP award winner, Michael Jordan, wept in his bedroom after being cut from his high school basketball team. It wasn’t over.

FROM DARK THERE IS A DOORWAY: In 1996, Eminem attempted suicide after his failed album, “Infinite”. In 1997, Dr Dre picked up his mixtape. Oprah Winfrey attempted suicide twice. At 14 (after becoming pregnant after years of abuse) and at 27 (after learning her then boyfriend was already married and had children). Five years later, in 1986, the syndicated Oprah Winfrey Show was flighted for the first time, and Oprah went on to become the first African-American multi-billionaire and a benchmarking philanthropist. In 1941, Martin Luther King attempted suicide at the age of 12 after being at a parade when his grandmother passed away at home, and again at the age of 13. In 1964, 22 years later, he won the Nobel Peace Prize for Combating Racial Inequality through Non-Violent Resistance. Halle Berry attempted suicide in 1997 after a failed marriage. Five years later, she won the Academy Award for Best Actress. She remains the only African-American woman to have won this award, and she is a mother of two. Just around the corner, there was light.

IMPOSSIBLE IS AN OPINION: After his first audition, a casting director told Sidney Poitier, “Why don’t you stop wasting people’s time and go out and become a dishwasher or something?” Sidney Poitier became the first African-American man to win an Academy Award. Bill Gates was a drop-out, and his first business, Traf-o-Data failed. Decca Recording Studios rejected The Beatles saying “They have no future in show business.”  JK Rowling saw herself as a failure relying on welfare to survive as a clinically depressed (which inspired the Dementor characters in her books), suicidal, abused and finally divorced single mother. In 2004 she became the first author to become a billionaire from her Harry Potter books, the inspiration of which came to her on a delayed train trip in 1990. Truth has the habit of silencing lies.

If we quit the game, we’ll never know what was just around the corner, or what the castle looks like. If we’re always too afraid to jump levels thinking we’ll fall and forgetting we still have life and can try again, we’ll never realise that practise makes a stronger jumper. And if we only ever meditate on stumbling  blocks making us weak, we’ll forget about the flowers on our journey that enable us to use those stumbling blocks as stepping stones, (and that there will be more flowers on our journey ahead). And if we just keep on going, we’ll each get to our castles. The ones we had built in our bravest childhood imaginations. The ones the GPS built into our souls desperately wants to lead us to. Listen to that one. It feels like hope and love and faith all bundled into one. Let it be your guide. It knows the way. And it won’t leave you until…”You have arrived”…

Tyler Perry was abused (beaten until the skin came off his back) and molested as a child. He said his life changed in 1991 when he watched an Oprah Winfrey show that advised hurting people to “write it down.” And so he began writing about his life, using fictional characters, and in 1992 wrote a play about survivors of child abuse called “I Know I Have Been Changed.” He put his play on every year from 1992 to 1998. Each year, it failed, and he ended up homeless. Until 1998. His seventh year, when he sat down with audience members to hear how his plays had impacted their lives and there was a shift for him. He became what he calls “a point of light.” His plays sold out across the country in tours, and his first film, “Diary of a Mad Black Woman” earned $21 million in its opening weekend. In 2011 Tyler Perry became the highest paid man in entertainment. He received a letter from a woman saying that her sister was leaving a 12-year abusive relationship after watching his film. Another letter from the mother of a child in Texas who had autism saying that his shows kept her son calm enough to be able to sleep at night. And an email from a single mother who had rented a hotel room to commit suicide. Her children, who were with her, asked to see a Tyler Perry play. After watching the play she no longer wanted to commit suicide. She found herself happy and no longer depressed. She found “a point of light”.

Arriving is far more beautiful than your greatest imaginations could ever have conceived. Keep going. See what happens at the end. Follow the light inside you. The journey will reward you ❤️?

What is Frolicatier?

  1. A life as art adventure that recognises that we require no permission to be the highest and truest expression of ourselves (who, in our heart of hearts, we really want to be) and to deliberately grow into that expression, knowing that we are worthy to own the life we were created for.
  2. A reliable source of curated content designed to support that adventure.
  3. A nurturing space for everyone who is the keeper of a dream that can change the world – that would be you, reading this…
  4. A birthplace for social movements that move the human race forward and overthrow social ills.
  5. The continuous evolution of a purpose-filled creative gift, its light-seeking curiosities and light-sharing expressions. Girded with passion and wisdom through the battles I’ve overcome I have grown into the perfect purpose God has for my life, and I will steward it with according honour, gratitude, and the courage to be the highest and truest expression of who I was created to be.
  6. A dynamic hub for innovation, inspiration, and impact.
  7. A happy factory! Where you will always receive soul food to frolic in being bravely true to who you were limitlessly created to be and live a bigger life than you could ever have expected to manifest. I desperately want to see you release your true greatness (and defeat your darkness-limits-fears-failures-excuses-ceilings, whatever it may be) and how the embracing of beautiful you changes the world, like only you can, in ripples.

Frolicatier has grown into its own. It’s become a movement greater than could ever have been imagined, and it’s made us realise that Team Frolicatier are indeed servants in service of a purpose far greater than we could ever have fathomed. The effect that the curated content on Frolicatier masszone laboratories. has had on the lives of Frolicatiers who have written and called in, has left us not only humbled by the privilege of being able to do this with our lives, but in awe of what lies on the other side of bravery in stepping into a dream, and week-on-week insisting on it.

Thank you for journeying here! Team Frolicatier respects the life-time you entrust us with by visiting this website to add light to your path. Thank you for the light you add to ours ❤️?

Love Always,

Team Frolicatier

Nicola Ontong
Nicola Ontong

Frolicatier, Global Creative Lead

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Penelope Hodkinson

Frolicatier, Global Design Lead

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