When you don’t know who you are, you don’t know what you’re capable of, and you get stuck in a limited perception of yourself. You’re like a circus lion in a cage. Jumping through hoops. Unaware of the true magnitude of his strength, prowess, and dominion. Or a divine destiny carrier in a boat who doesn’t know she can walk on water. And then, a storm comes. All hell breaks loose. And so do your instincts. The same brute strength that would manifest in a lion were he to defend his cubs being attacked, was within him in the man-made cage. What strength would you be able to access if you had the right why? What divine destiny calling have you allowed to go unanswered because your boat made you forget what you were born with? If every limitation lie were lifted off you, what would you be capable of?

My life experiences have led me to believe that greatness courts you. She grooms you in her traits. When a why forces you out of your cage, she gives you a glimpse of your true self. Don’t forget what you’re packing. When you’re led to help a stranger who could never repay you, she shows you your true essence. Know this: It is limitless. She presents you with a challenge bigger than you, and observes where you draw your strength from. Be great in humility, and wise in knowing the Source of strength for victory in great battles.

You are so much more than you currently appear to be. Become acquainted with your limitlessness. There is a dream you are carrying which only you can be the steward of.  A dream that could save you, and every person relying on you to manifest it. Eternity is in every minute. Get out of the boat…

What is Frolicatier?

  1. A life as art adventure that recognises that you require no permission to be the highest and truest expression of you (who, in your heart of hearts, you really want to be) and to deliberately grow into that expression, knowing that you are worthy to own the life you were created for.
  2. A reliable source of curated content designed to support that adventure.
  3. A nurturing space for everyone who is the keeper of a dream that can change the world – that would be you.
  4. A birthplace for social movements that move the human race forward and overthrow social ills.
  5. An honouring of a purpose-filled creative gift and it’s light-seeking curiosities and expressions fuelled by the sacred truth that all things have worked together for good in my life. Girded with passion and wisdom through the battles I’ve overcome I have grown into the why God has for my life, and I will steward it with according honour.
  6. A dynamic hub for innovation, inspiration, and impact.
  7. A happy factory! Where you will always receive soul food to frolic in being bravely true to who you were limitlessly created to be and live a bigger life than you could ever have expected to manifest. I desperately want to see you release your true greatness (and defeat your darkness-limits-fears-failures-excuses-ceilings, whatever it may be) and how the embracing of beautiful you changes the world in ripples.

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Next week will see the introduction of a surprise offering many of you have been pining for. It’s going to be perfectly “sweet” and right on time.

Until then, be a superhero!

Love you,

Team Frolicatier

Nicola Ontong
Nicola Ontong

Frolicatier, Global Creative Lead

Penelope Hodkinson
Penelope Hodkinson

Frolicatier, Global Design Lead

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