Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it. Your heart sets a rhythm to your life, and within that rhythm there are outstanding guiding notes. In a lifetime many thoughts-suggestions-options-decisions are unassumingly presented to us. The ones we linger on and unassumingly revisit slowly begin to shape our habits and beliefs, and those take root in our hearts and set our rhythms. Some rhythm notes we’ve danced to for so long we’ve become unaware that they are foreign to our truth. An alien seed rooted for slow destruction, affecting all that is good that we attempt to grow in our lives.

A heart can be inclined to your greatest, bravest and highest vision, or it can be declined to a comfortable default on autopilot. Do you stand guard at the door of your heart to ensure that only that which serves you and is good and wise is allowed to dwell in the midst of it? Do you spring clean it and root out the decline-designed habits you run to for comfort in enemy territory? We upgrade and run anti-virus software on our technologies for optimal performance, but do we do it on our hearts? On our minds? In your heart that was designed to birth your greatest dreams, what habits are pulling you down (and away from those dreams) that you’ve allowed a seat at your table?

The Rocking Chair Test is a scenario test in which you imagine yourself at 80 years old on a rocking chair on your porch looking back on your life. Close your eyes and complete this test on two different channels in your imagination. Channel One is your current default channel – if you live every week the same way you did this week, what kind of future would that create? Channel Two is a victory channel – this is the channel of your fearless, wise, pristinely guarded, and nurtured heart and mind – the destiny-directed channel fearlessly true to your highest, truest, and greatest visions. What does it look like? Now pick a channel. And stay there.

There may be times when thoughts, habits, and self-beliefs not congruent with your victory channel may show up. Reject them, and switch back to Channel Two. Arrest every defiling mentality that is a downflow.

You can only really identify a downflow using outcomes-based thinking i.e. what is the result. Don’t fall for the initial enticement of the bait. Ask yourself: Is the outcome of this move-decision-habit who I truly want to be? So often we love what could destroy us and hate what could deliver us, because change is inconvenient. It’s difficult. Default is easy. A simple example is exercise. If you exercised 5 days a week, what would be the outcome? When it’s cold outside and you’d rather order-in and stay on the couch, it initially seems appealing. It “feels nice”. What is the 5-days a week outcome?

What we consistently do forms a neural pathway in our brains. That is the strength of the popular 30-days to change a habit formula. When harnessed for good the neuroplasticity of your brain is a superpower! Human beings are incredible at adapting, and so if we simply chose to adapt to an inclined (higher) level of living for ourselves and those we love, those habits would burrow a new neural pathway in our brains…et voila! Your habits will reset the condition of your heart. And all things new will flow therefrom. Because we really don’t have to accept a default attitude towards anything! Nor do we have to accept a default life! Incline your heart.

Draw up a hate list. I hate being broke. I hate punking out on my dreams. I hate being overweight. I hate the broken relationships I haven’t addressed. I hate procrastination and everything it’s stolen from me. I hate making excuses. I hate disappointing myself. I hate living below my dreams. The hate is addressed at the thing (underlying habit) that is tormenting you, NOT AT YOU. You LOVE you, that’s why you hate what the habit does to you. Now attack. Draw up a rule list. One that you stick to, and one that you focus on, until your new inclined heart, up-flow habits and rules become your new rhythms. You would have weeded out your downflows, and planted in all that will blossom into a bountiful, beautiful spring of goodness for you. But do not delay. Because you can’t make these rules when the temptations are in your face, Pavlov’s Pup! Decide today where you will NOT go BACK to! The dark and dead places you hide when you’re confronted with the need to change for the better? Burn them. For the victor you are, they no longer exist. Rise up, King! Rise up, Queen! Your porch-perfect future is shaped one day at a time, and it’s never as far away as you think…so…Take Heart ?

What is Frolicatier?

  1. A life as art adventure that recognises that we require no permission to be the highest and truest expression of ourselves (who, in our heart of hearts, we really want to be) and to deliberately grow into that expression, knowing that we are worthy to own the life we were created for.
  2. A reliable source of curated content designed to support that adventure.
  3. A nurturing space for everyone who is the keeper of a dream that can change the world – that would be you, reading this…
  4. A birthplace for social movements that move the human race forward and overthrow social ills.
  5. The continuous evolution of a purpose-filled creative gift, its light-seeking curiosities and light-sharing expressions. Girded with passion and wisdom through the battles I’ve overcome I have grown into the perfect purpose God has for my life, and I will steward it with according honour, gratitude, and the courage to be the highest and truest expression of who I was created to be.
  6. A dynamic hub for innovation, inspiration, and impact.
  7. A happy factory! Where you will always receive soul food to frolic in being bravely true to who you were limitlessly created to be and live a bigger life than you could ever have expected to manifest. I desperately want to see you release your true greatness (and defeat your darkness-limits-fears-failures-excuses-ceilings, whatever it may be) and how the embracing of beautiful you changes the world, like only you can, in ripples.

The next few weeks will see exciting developments and introductions to your Frolicatier landscape. Each development and introduction has been passionately curated to nurture and release the highest and truest expression of you, to support the birth of your dreams, and the embracing of your greatness. The canvas content pieces (in the Portfolio link) thus far have laid the foundational truths (and pillars) for the inspired art pieces to come. There will be social movements, an atelier, a vlog, and even Frolicatier events of unprecedented awesomeness. Yes? Yay! And you’re the first to know!

Thank you for being here today. I love you, and I’m SO excited to be on this all-things-amazing journey with you, beautiful you!

Until our next Surprise Saturday: Be kind to everyone, including yourself ?

Love Always,

Team Frolicatier

Nicola Ontong
Nicola Ontong

Frolicatier, Global Creative Lead

Penelope Hodkinson
Penelope Hodkinson

Frolicatier, Global Design Lead

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