It is said that art is the signature of civilisations. When a love-aligned human generously creates from their soul their best work, it mysteriously enhances the life of everyone it touches, and it may be called art. It diffuses fresh love into the world. An artist informs the world of what’s available behind the masks we all wear. A ticket to the transcendent. A window to the sublime.

Some Frolicatiers may be familiar with Buttercup Baby, a luxury cupcake experience company I launched in 2012. It enjoyed early success. Sir Richard Branson famously purchased a £10 “splendid cupcake” and tweeted about it. We created cupcake experiences for Google, and were the poster child of a national ad industry campaign for “breaking the rules” in the cupcake industry.

My friend, Alex, wept when she had her first Buttercup, because it reminded her of the cupcakes she had with her father in New York in the 1980’s. A father-of-the-bride ate the cupcake wrapper. Sandile asked that they be delivered to Zan, the girl of his dreams, with a love letter to ask her to be his, and today, they’re married. And my dear friend, Elsie, never ate a Buttercup cupcake with her eyes open, nor without demanding silence from all around.

There was something sublime and transcendent about them, and they represented a love expression that my creative hiatus attempted to loot me of. Alas, it only fuelled me, to now steward Buttercup as my truest and highest expression. To honour it daily as my best work. To bravely release greatness into it. And to allow it to transform the lives of those it touches. To allow it to be ART.

Because art, is a decision. A decision to refuse status quos and limits. To be passionately extraordinary as a habit. To break new ground, and to realise that we have the ability to move humanity forward, in our daily habits. The world can forever be better because you came this way. No matter your field, all it takes is a decision. Whether you’re a student, a doctor, a philanthropist, a dreamer, an athlete, or an entrepreneur, there is art to be made! Limitlessly enhance your life and the lives of others simply by being true to your greatest vision. Be extraordinary always, choosing excellence as a habit, until it’s your rhythm. Feel free enough to frolic in love-aligned greatness! And you shall surely see how your art-infused life leaves your signature on civilisation forever. In your relationships, be a masterpiece of an aunt, daughter, mother, son, father, uncle, husband, wife, brother, sister, and friend. In your relationship with you be a masterpiece. Fill up your cup, that it may overflow! One brushstroke at a time. There is art to be made in this life we’re gifted. And we only get this one chance. Make it matter, baby! And make it beautiful! Because you matter. That’s why you’re here.

What is Frolicatier?

  1. A life as art adventure that recognises that you require no permission to be the highest and truest expression of you (who, in your heart of hearts, you really want to be) and to deliberately grow into that expression, knowing that you are worthy to own the life you were created for.
  2. A reliable source of curated content designed to support that adventure.
  3. A nurturing space for everyone who is the keeper of a dream that can change the world – that would be you.
  4. A birthplace for social movements that move the human race forward and overthrow social ills.
  5. A brave honouring of a purpose-filled creative gift, it’s light-seeking curiosities and light-sharing expressions. Girded with passion and wisdom through the battles I’ve overcome I have grown into the perfect purpose God has for my life, and I will steward it with according honour, gratitude, and unprecedented excellence.
  6. A dynamic hub for innovation, inspiration, and impact.
  7. A happy factory! Where you will always receive soul food to frolic in being bravely true to who you were limitlessly created to be and live a bigger life than you could ever have expected to manifest. I desperately want to see you release your true greatness (and defeat your darkness-limits-fears-failures-excuses-ceilings, whatever it may be) and how the embracing of beautiful you changes the world in ripples.

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For those in Cape Town, South Africa…Buttercup Baby Cupcakes are now officially available in your city! Your eyes are not deceiving you. You may Hip Hip Hooray!! For inquiries and commissions, please frolic an email through to I’m so excited for your first Buttercup experiences, Mother City kings and queens ❤

Your love note emails and messages encourage me more than I could ever express. From the depths of my heart…I thank you. You’re the wind beneath my wings.

“Dwell on the beauty of life. Watch the stars, and see yourself running with them.” – Marcus Aurelius

Love you,

Team Frolicatier

Nicola Ontong
Nicola Ontong

Frolicatier, Global Creative Lead

Penelope Hodkinson
Penelope Hodkinson

Frolicatier, Global Design Lead

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