Buttercup Baby

A now first-of-its-kind celebration innovation company that started in 2012 with the simple but true dream of creating the world’s most arrestingly luxurious cupcakes. In her earliest days, this persistently daring dream soon led to Buttercup delighting clientele such as Sir Richard Branson (who famously purchased the “Aunt Sylvia” champagne and caviar cupcake), Google South Africa, and The Virgin Group. For breaking the rules and setting new standards of excellence in the cupcake industry, she was the posterchild of a national ad campaign by Quirk, not only for the product created, but the ambience stirred up around each gathering at which these cupcakes were present. It was an unprecedented spirit of celebration. Creative, Artistic, Status Quo Breaking, and Passionate.

Buttercup Baby’s rebel reputation swiftly graduated her into the bespoke events sphere with innovative art-infused product and brand launches, whimsical birthday parties and baby showers, exotic VIP hostings, and immersive corporate brand and employee appreciation concept experiences for clients such as Virgin Money, Virgin Galactic, Quiteria & George, Telesure, and MultiChoice. Buttercup also today creates Luxury Gift Experiences that are bespoke created according to the uniquely appreciated intricacies of the individuals they are presented to. For there is much to celebrate in this life we have! And Buttercup Baby, because she values the power of art infused with love, specialises in making the sweetest of these times, forever moments. This lifestyle brand of celebration will soon launch concept stores in South Africa and globally to bring Buttercup’s pure love for bringing joy to one and all far and wide.